July 15, 2024

10 Places in Ladakh To Celebrate Love: To Infinity And Beyond

Who hasn’t heard of Ladakh? We all have, right?

It is the most popular tourist hotspot among youngsters and bikers who are always up for thrilling adventures and some mind-blowing experiences. 

But did you know that Ladakh is also becoming popular among the newlyweds? 

Yes, that’s right, Ladakh can be your honeymoon destination by choosing one of the Leh Ladakh Trip Packages because there are several things to do in Ladakh to make your honeymoon memorable. 

Before planning your honeymoon to Ladakh, you should know the most suitable time to visit the region.

Best Time To Visit Ladakh 

The summer season, which lasts between May to June, is the best time to visit Ladakh because the weather is enjoyable, with bearable cold winds.  

Avoid going during the monsoon season because the roads are in bad condition, and offroading makes it even worse, making the area accident-prone. 

Winters, however, are cold but still enjoyable, so you can visit during the winter as well. 

There are several places in Ladakh that you can check out that are also one of the most romantic places in Ladakh

  1. Magnetic Hill 

Magnetic Hill is the place that defies gravity. Surprised?

Wait until you visit the place because you will be stunned, for the place is miraculous and doesn’t follow the law of gravity. 

Let me tell you how it works. You know that gravity pulls everything down, but this magnetic hill acts the exact opposite, opposing the rules of gravitational force. 

If you park your bike on this miraculous hill and left unattended, instead of moving downhill, the vehicle moves uphill, which will shock you, for you must not have seen such a thing before. 

2.Khardung La Pass

The highest motorable road in the world is also one of the most romantic places in Ladakh. This trail is for couples who love biking together. The serene atmosphere and the captivating views set the mood for romance. You can also go for adventure activities such as paragliding. 


3.Tso Moriri

If you want a calm and peaceful place to spend with your better half, look no further and come straight to Tso Moriri Lake. 

It is a calm, serene lake that washes away your weariness from the wedding. The lake is situated at an altitude of 15500 ft above sea level, and also goes by the name the moon lake is probably one of the most romantic places in Ladakh to celebrate your honeymoon. 

A conservation reserve surrounds it and is home to several migratory birds. You can also go for an excursion. 

4.Shanti Stupa

When you are newly married, you can only ask for love and a peaceful and happy married life. The question is, where can you get this peace you are looking for? The answer is Shanti Stupa. 

Now how is Shanti Stupa one of the honeymoon places in Ladakh? 

Having a good laugh and adventure with your partner is always nice because it keeps the spark going. Having said that, climbing the Shanti Stupa will be fun, for it requires you to climb some 500 steps to finally reach the Stupa and enjoy the views that are bound to captivate your heart. 

Isn’t that romantic? 

5.Drang Drung Glacier

The name may sound a little heavy, but the Drang Drung Glacier will fuel your honeymoon’s spark. It is one of the best places in Ladakh and is perfect for couples who are up for adventures. 

Once you complete the trek, you are in for a breathtaking view of the place and how romantic it would be to hold your partner’s hand while standing at one of the most beautiful places in Ladakh for newly married couples.


Want to live your dream moment of stargazing with your partner lying next to you? 

Well, it’s possible at Lamayuru because here you can cuddle and have intimate conversations, make promises worth a lifetime all in the same place, and create a memory for yourself that will be forever etched in your heart. 

The place is full of pine trees and is located very close to the Ladakh mountains, making it one of the most incredible places in Ladakh.

7.Pangong Lake

How can you forget the very popular one and only Pangong Lake? 

When in Ladakh, visiting Pangaong is the unsaid rule, especially when you are on your honeymoon there cannot be anything better than this lake, for it is definitely one of the most romantic honeymoon places in Ladakh for even Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan had their moment here right in front of the lake in the movie 3 idiots. It is also the same lake where Anushka Sharma jumped into the lake to complete the challenge her friends gave but ended up drowning and being saved by Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Does that ring a bell? I am sure it must have. 

Besides, the lake has appeared in several other movies and is the most beautiful place in Ladakh that you should not miss out on. 

8.Nubra Valley

Sun, Sand and You! Isn’t that the dream?

Nubra Valley gives you an exciting chance to go for camel rides and desert safari in which you can take a jeep and a fantastic adventure trip that you will cherish for a long time. 

The picturesque valleys make it one of the perfect honeymoon places in Ladakh, so don’t miss out on Nubra Valley. 

9.Confluence Of Indus And Zanskar

The convergence of Indus and Zanskar is the most beautiful thing you can ever see. Making it one of the perfect places in Ladakh, where these two rivers meet, is called the Nimmu Valley.

You can easily witness the two rivers merging with the two different colours; it is probably the most incredible thing to witness in Ladakh. 

The view of the convergence is charming, making it one of the most romantic places in Ladakh.

10.Hall Of Fame Museum

If you are a couple more interested in history and culture, you must visit the Hall of Fame Museum, which is located in Leh. The Museum was made to honour the courageous martyrs who lost their lives to save the country. It may not sound romantic, but the Hall of Fame Museum is something to see with your partner, and you should do it.


The honeymoon is supposed to be a precious time of your life. You are special and there is no reason why your honeymoon shouldn’t be.These are the most beautiful places in Ladakh, and I’m sure more than one place would have made the best places in Ladakh list, and every place in Ladakh has something to offer with immense beauty that will leave you spellbound.

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