July 13, 2024

How To Watch Telugu Movies by Using iBomma?

How To Watch Telugu Movies by Using iBomma?


Telugu movies, a vast treasure trove of Indian cinema, are elusive to many people who can’t speak Telugu. Yet those merry few that know how to watch Telugu movies have discovered an entire universe of gems buried in the dusty corners of this language. But how on earth do you watch Telugu movies, and why would you care?

I’ll give you three reasons:

India is a multi-lingual country with many languages like Bengali and Gujarati that use the same script as Telugu. Of course, if you can read and speak Telugu, you’ll be able to understand these movies too.
There are a lot of movies that are not released in other languages (usually Hindi) as they don’t think they will make a profit! I will show you how to use ibomma.com, a paid service where you pay per movie, but the content is updated regularly, so there’s always something new for you.

Where to watch Telugu movies?


The good news is that there are a lot of places to watch Telugu movies. If you’re looking for free content, there are sites like kavithalayam, bluemountainmedia, and dtharecinemas. But these sites don’t provide the content with English subtitles, so they won’t be able to stream to different devices. We need a combination of ibomma.com and streaming services like Hotstar or thesaanxi.tv to give you live streaming of movies in Telugu.

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How do I watch Telugu movies on ibomma?


ibomma.com is a paid service full of great content, but it’s also updated regularly with new movies and TV shows! To get the content, you need to sign up with the code “Tamilnadu,” which will get you three free months of ibomma access. After that, you need to purchase at least a month of access to the service and then use the code “Tamilnadu” when you sign up.

First, I’ll show you how to watch content like tv shows (and not just movies, unfortunately) by showing you how to download ibomma from your mobile device and then how to watch movies with the ibomma app. I’ll also show you how you can use ibomma on your PC through a browser.So first, we need to download ibomma, and that’s easy! Just open up the native app store on your phone and search for ibomma. If you don’t have an app store like this on your phone, then you can also find it here:

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When your app launches, you should see a screen like the one below! Click on “Browse” to check out the TV shows, movies, and other content that ibomma offers. If you want movies, scroll through, and you’ll see a lot of them categorized by Genre (action, comedy, etc.) and star cast. You can also filter the movies depending on the quality of the language, so you don’t have to watch everything.

Ibomma is also updated regularly! When I tried it out, I saw new movies every week. You’re not limited to an ‘active’ content list that keeps track of what’s available on ibomma, but you can sign up and pay for a month of access and then choose which content to download.

When you select a movie, you’ll see a little more info. You can watch it right away, but by clicking on the ‘watch’ button, you will be redirected to a screen where you can sign up for ibomma within your browser.

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