April 23, 2024


YouTube is a video content website where YouTube creators upload their videos and viewers watch the videos. A few years ago, there were fewer video creators and more viewers that gave growth to the creators. But you know there is enough content and millions of videos are uploaded every day on YouTube. So the growth for absurd and less informational creator videos is very less but value-adding creators can grow without any interruptions. How videos are ranked on YouTube? The ranking of videos on YouTube is decided by search engine optimization (SEO). YouTube has its SEO that evaluates videos and refines them for the right keyword searched by the user. Many things decide which video should be given first rank or second rank and so on as a search result. Let’s know them step by step –


  1. Keywords and tags –

YouTube gives a search result based on the keyword that is searched by the user. These keywords are written in the description box and tags box by the creator/publisher. The publisher knows that the video which he/she created is talking about which thing. So he/she selects such words for the title and tags of the video that are related to the content of the video. These keywords and tags are necessary things to rank first as a result on YouTube because the SEO reads those keywords and tags before showing the results. But this doesn’t mean that your every video will rank first because there are more things left to get rank one. Maybe you have provided wrong keywords that are neither searched by any user nor the content related to that keyword. 


  1. Overall watch-time –

If you have selected the right keywords which are searched regularly on YouTube search engine, your video will be visible in the top ten or twenty of results. But that is not enough for a growing creator. Your video should have better watch-time for ranking first than other videos because SEO gives the first ranking to that video which has almost 70% or higher watch time than other relevant videos. How you can increase the watch-time of the videos? Watch-time depends on user engagement. So you should give user engagement content. 

  1. Video content and publishing date –

How you can increase user engagement? User engagement will depend on your content quality. Every video should have a higher quality of content so that your watch time 

will also get increased and may outperform another competitor video. Better content means you should give complete information about the topic and should have a great thumbnail. Yes, thumbnail. It attracts the user to click on your video only if your thumbnail looks better otherwise your video will get scroll up and you will lose views. One more thing is the publishing date of the video so the new video replaces older videos. 

People also use inorganic ways to increase views like placing their videos as ads or they buy YouTube video likes by giving the order to a website.  Many websites are available online which provide the facility to buy YouTube video likes, comments and views. People can increase the popularity of their videos by using these services. However, it is important to choose a reliable website for this purpose in order to get authentic services as well as good customer service. It is also important to keep a check on what you are spending on increasing views because there are some sites that charge very high prices for their services. Hence, people should be careful while selecting such providers and make sure that they get the best deal from them without compromising on quality. Purchasing Youtube views will help your videos gain more exposure and higher ranking in search engine results pages. This will lead to an increased number of viewers who can become potential customers or subscribers. Thus, by buying views, people can gain more exposure and popularity on YouTube. Along with purchasing YouTube video likes, comments and views, people should also focus on creating quality content for their videos in order to engage viewers as well as attract new followers. Quality content not only keeps viewers engaged but also helps build credibility for the channel. People should strive to create interesting and informative videos that will help them stand out from the competition and attract more viewers. In addition to this, people should also promote their videos through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to reach a wider audience and increase their viewership even further. By following these tips, people can easily increase the number of views on their videos and become popular on YouTube. Moreover, people should also focus on creating audience retention for their videos in order to keep their viewers engaged. This can be done by providing interesting content, using attention-grabbing visuals and using tactics such as frequent releases of similar or related content. Additionally, people should ensure that their videos are well optimized for search engine results so that they appear higher up in the rankings. In this way, people can increase the chances that viewers will watch more than one video from the channel, thus increasing audience retention and viewership. By following these tips and making use of services to buy YouTube video likes, comments and views, people can easily increase their viewership on YouTube and gain more exposure online. With enough effort and consistency, people can become successful YouTubers and make a name for themselves in the online world. Ultimately, gaining views on YouTube is no easy task, but with the right strategy and tactics, it is possible to increase viewership and gain exposure. By making use of services to buy YouTube video likes, comments and views, along with focusing on creating quality content and optimizing videos for search engine results, people can easily increase their views on YouTube and reach more potential viewers. With enough effort and consistency, anyone can put forth a successful channel that will help them build brand recognition as well as create an audience base that will keep coming back for more. Ultimately, with the right plan in place, people can maximize their chances of success on YouTube and make a name for themselves in the online world.  Thanks for writing!

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