July 15, 2024

The best business options for students: How to combine study and entrepreneurship

Business options for students

Like any social class of people, university students need money. Money, like water, is always in short supply. And people who attend educational institutions have additional expenses (food, travel, clothing, household appliances, medicines, etc.) added to the usual ones.

These include the purchase of textbooks, dormitory fees, the printing of essays, calculation and graphic works, and payment for the services of an Internet provider and mobile operator. In addition, we should not discount the fact that young people have cultural needs and entertainment, such as online 3 patti real money and indian slots online. Students can work there as well. 

So the question is: “What kind of business is there for students?” has been and remains very relevant.

What business ideas are suitable for students?

It is no longer news to anyone that most students must find time to study and earn money.

Of course, more than scholarships are needed to meet all their needs, as the government needs to provide more funding for students. They provide a more or less decent life with financial assistance from their parents and part-time jobs.

While university professors are less loyal to the need for students to look for a source of income, employers tend to be sympathetic to the situation of young people.

Most young professionals are engaged in sales, with slightly fewer devoting themselves to the consumer services sector. A small proportion of students go into the industrial sector and science.

Based on analytics, almost all students at universities and institutes want to have a job and start a business. The opportunity to be employed appears only with part-time work and flexible hours.

The main aspects of a job search for a student

They should be taken into account before starting your own business:

  • Zero or minimal investment. A business idea for students should be simple and not require constant investment. Otherwise, they will either quit or get bogged down in debt. Avoid concepts that involve significant initial investments and high costs in the future. Focus your attention on those areas of business that can be carried out without money or with the available amount of capital.
  • Free time. This point is one of the fundamental ones in choosing a business option for a student. Because young people have studies considered a priority, they can devote little time to their business. In most cases, they prefer seasonal businesses.
  • Goals of creation. Understanding the goals that students set for themselves helps to determine the type of activity. If you plan to develop with further prospects, paying attention to a more serious business is advisable. Otherwise, a regular part-time job will do.
  • Availability of knowledge and experience. Experienced entrepreneurs do not recommend that young professionals plunge headlong into unfamiliar and incomprehensible niches. Recently, a student has learned how to fix gadgets and PCs. Then they should take up this particular type of activity. Professional training makes a difference.

Services in the field of beauty

Female students can be offered such types of business as nail services, eyelash extensions, needlework, massage, jewellery making and selling, etc. Beauty services are particularly demanded among girls, as every fairer sex wants to look irresistible.

It takes a little time to complete the courses and is not complicated. But this business line is unsuitable for students living in a dormitory. On the other hand, if you provide services to clients with a home visit, there will be no problems.

Many clients are promised if you master hairdressing, learn how to extend eyelashes and perform eyebrow correction. Skill in the beauty field is highly valued, so such a business will bring a decent income.

You will set the time yourself. It is advisable to purchase a separate notebook in which to keep notes. It is unacceptable for a nail technician to forget about their clients or make an appointment for several people simultaneously!

To run your business, you will need investments. Firstly, to pay for courses, and secondly, to buy consumables.

Creating handmade products

To make jewellery, souvenirs, and other handmade products, you also need start-up capital, but it is much smaller in volume. Such a business will be profitable for students who have creative abilities, and handicrafts are their forte.

The business of making handmade products has been and remains in demand, no matter what sceptics say. It is an excellent opportunity to realize your creativity, safely engage in your favourite hobby and not depend on your boss.

It would help if you chose the right niche. For example, there is consumer demand for natural scrubs, soaps and other cosmetics, children’s educational toys, interior products, and designer furniture.

It would help if you also found out who your audience will be. You can survey students and colleagues to determine how often they buy handmade items and what they believe.

Creating mobile applications

Mobile application development is a specific business for Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science students. However, many guys are studying other specialties who are fond of the Internet and programming.

Today, the demand for mobile applications has reached a record high as the mobile Internet market has grown significantly. Mobile devices are used by 80% of Internet users!

There are several examples of how students became successful businessmen by creating practical applications.

Business is notable because you can do it without deep knowledge and skills. There are many services and designers on the Internet that help you easily create apps for smartphones. All you need is ideas!

To create a business in the IT field, students need not only to develop applications but also to make efforts to promote products. You can hold voting on Google Play, advertise apps on thematic forums, write articles with reviews and post them on various websites.

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