April 20, 2024

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Stop misusing your Credit Card

During the late 1900s, the credit card was usually reserved for the wealthy or for emergency situations. Since then, the thin plastic currency method has been slowly replacing the paper and coins that once filled out wallets and pockets. It’s incredibly easy to swipe the card to pay for a variety of materials. Is this form of instant gratification worth the chance of drowning in debt? How can you keep your finances in order while maintaining a good credit rating?

1. Patience

While regularly using your card is good for your credit rating, you still need to practice restraint from going on a shopping spree that you really can’t afford. Keep your purchases within reason of your finances and be patient when you are looking at that Rs.10,000 game system. Save your money and purchase it outright without involving your credit card. While you may experience the elation of instant gratification, your income might not be able to sustain your purchases.

2. Within Reason

While it is true that timely payments of your credit card can help your credit score, you don’t want to overspend your income. A high credit limit can be quite tempting to utilize. But if you don’t have the income to match the payment at the end of the month, you could do more damage to your situation than you’d like to experience. If an emergency arises, wouldn’t you rather have the money to ensure you can make it through the situation over having a 90-inch LCD television?

3. Self-control

Many individuals will cut up their credit card in order to prevent them from spending the money. While this is surely a tactic that will stop you from spending, it’s one that’s not needed if you practice self-control. After all, your credit card can help you open doors and buy larger items you don’t have the cash for.

4. Budget Planning

Devising a plan for your finances can help you determine if you are able to afford certain purchases or not. You need to be mindful of the lasting repercussions of purchase for you don’t want to overextend yourself financially. Budget planning can also help you create a savings plan in order to buy some of those goods you want without swiping your credit card.

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5. Eliminate Expenses

When it comes to any financial advice, eliminating expenses is a prominent method of helping you. Expenses could be in the form of spending on services you don’t necessarily utilize on a regular basis. It’s senseless to pay for advanced cable channels if you rarely watch TV. These expenses can also be in the form of utility bills. That computer in the corner that is rarely used doesn’t need to be turned on all day. Energy efficient goods around the home can help decrease the electric bill in order to help you afford your credit card expenses.

Words of Wisdom

As long as you practice self-restraint when it comes to purchases, you can prevent your credit card debt from becoming an overwhelming obstacle. In today’s market, you need to keep your credit rating as high as you can in order to purchase homes, cars, and other tangibles. No credit history can be as detrimental as a bad one. Be mindful of your actions and keep your spending to a minimum in order to prevent yourself from becoming another statistic of negative credit impact.

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