April 20, 2024

Does an Attendance Management System improve student participation?

Over the years, online tools have assisted multiple institutions in managing, organizing and running day-to-day processes. For example, a school can rely on an LMS portal to make announcements, inform students of upcoming events, and post schedules without delay. One such advanced system is attendance management, which gained popularity during the pandemic and stuck around for the better.

But is this tool really useful for students too? A school has multiple interests and has to invest in just the right ones, prioritizing both the academic and overall development of students and institutional values.  If they had to choose, a school management system that incorporates all online systems to cut down the extra work of teachers and students is a must-have in today’s dynamic environment. 


Let’s look at how it can encourage students to participate more in a classroom and elevate their learning qualities;

Losing the tail

Students know the fear of joining a class late, whether online or offline. Even a lenient teacher who doesn’t mind would have to go back to the attendance sheets, look up the name, manually call out the student, mark them present and then find their way back toward the way teaching previously. This is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Not just for a student arriving late, calling out roll numbers or students by their name takes up a chunk of a teacher’s class which they would rather avoid. They can instead summarize the previous day’s class and leave attendance management to an online tool, biometrics or simply an RFID. 

Students lose the embarrassing tale of having to interrupt a teacher, and teachers don’t worry about missing out on a child or taking attendance at all. With handy attendance management software, all they have to do is monitor whether it is functioning properly every day.  

Paperless environment

There is nothing better than a paperless environment, typing is quick, easy, digital, and can be saved in multiple copies. Similarly, instead of using attendance registers, teachers can use an online spreadsheet to personally no down attendance percentages of students if they wish to, or leave it to the automatic attendance manager.

This teaches students a lesson about how we can cut down our paper trail, and manage resources. 

Student tracking

This is the most important merit of installing an attendance manager. A central system always provides correct data about a student’s presence in their classes. Both parents and teachers can use this data to encourage a child to attend more of the classes they have been missing out on, if any.

Attendance management systems also maintain real-time data tracking by allowing students to log into their portals when joining a class. 

Easy access

Students often need to optimize the amount of time they spend attending classes and taking study leaves at home for better time management. They might skip a few revision classes, or make up their attendance score if they notice it has fallen over the past few weeks. But to follow a plan, they need to be aware. Back in the day, it was a religious practice for students to track their own attendance and calculate how many days they can miss out at most. With easy access available for students, they can plan a schedule better.

However, this easy access goes both ways and teachers must also be able to easily view individual student profiles. When missing classes, they can encourage a child to be more productive by introducing we-read learning methodologies. Students will participate in a classroom if it is the right amount of engaging, informative and interesting.

Integrating advanced mechanism

An attendance management system is nothing but an advanced tool that is still fairly recent to many schools. By updating themselves according to modern norms, an institution puts up an image in front of their students and teachers about how education is about constant learning and diversifying.  the act according to the institution’s morale and encourage students to have a similar value of growth. Technological advancements are to be embraced and utilised for the better in moderation, a child can learn a lot from this.

However, productivity ultimately depends on a student and how they perceive the learning environment. Surely, using an attendance manager might be tricky if teachers have never used a cloud-based system before. With proper practice, and incorporation in everyday life, they can draw a lot of benefits in the long run for themselves and their students.

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