June 19, 2024

Popular slots in England

Slot machines are one of the most popular ways to spend an interesting evening and even earn a little money. In the UK online casinos are well developed, classic casinos are also still in operation and offer the opportunity to play classic slot machines. 

Popular slot machines in England

Let’s take a look at 4 of the most popular machines that are still played by a large number of players. Top 30 online casinos India add these games to the popular section.

Rainbow Riches

It is one of the classic slot machines that can still be found in almost every offline casino and pub in England, found in all online casinos. It originally started as an ordinary fruit slot machine. After a little modernisation, it became an interesting gambling video game with good leprechauns and big wins. The game is ordinary, users are offered 5 reels, a total of 10 paylines each of which falls out with different icons.

There are several combinations, some of them allow you to win small bonuses or win back your bet with a small increase. Other combinations allow you to hit the jackpot, but they fall out much less often. The minimum bet in the slot is 10p, the maximum is £400, and the total number of winning combinations of varying degrees is 18 pieces. It is one of the reasons why the slot is still popular, it is not difficult to win small amounts regularly.

The jackpot in the game increases the bet by 4,000 times. It appears as full lines from a rainbow. Then there are 3 bonus games in a row, during which you can also win large sums.

Loves from London

It is an iconic video slot that has the stylisation of London. The stylisation lies in the symbols on the reel: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, as well as parks and theatres. All game symbols are made in the form of iconic places, which is very interesting. As background music, a classic British tune is used, referring to the recent past of the capital.

The player is offered 5 reels with 20 lines in total. The minimum bet is 1 penny and the maximum bet is £10. An option is provided to increase the bet with every win, allowing the bet to automatically increase during the game.

The most popular bonus that can be won in this slot is free spins. To get it, you need to get a line of 3 or more symbols in the form of guards in red uniforms. The jackpot is £100,000, however, the probability of winning is small.

Irish Lucky

This video slot is made in the Irish theme. The main theme of the machine is St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated annually in Ireland. As game symbols pots of gold, the famous Irish beer Guinness, clover with 4 leaves, castles and rainbows. Classic Irish music plays as the background tune, enhancing the immersion in the gameplay.

The player has 5 reels and 25 lines in total to play with. The slot has a gambling feature that allows you to double the amount after each winning round. The minimum bet is 1 penny, and the maximum is £10.

The game uses a progressive jackpot, which allows you to increase the maximum winnings during the game. The player can also activate two bonus games, where they can get lucrative bonuses and free spins.

Irish Wealth

Another classic slot with an Irish theme. Irish mythology is popular in England because the country’s borders and during the history of the population often exchanged folklore. The game symbols used are leprechauns, horseshoes, a clover with 4 leaves, mugs of beer and a harp.

The jackpot significantly sets this slot apart from others, it is £1 million. Each golden horseshoe in a line brings the player 1.5 thousand gold coins. A line with horseshoes means a big win and even a jackpot. The minimum bet is 1 penny and the maximum is £150.

On what topics are popular slots in England

The main volume is occupied by slots on Irish themes: leprechauns with pots of gold, and four-leaf clover. In addition, such slots are considered one of the most profitable, because it allows you to regularly win small amounts. Also very popular slots on the English theme, especially stylised in London.

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