May 21, 2024

Types of Learning Management Systems

If there’s something that is regarded as one of the most important things in the business sectors nowadays, it is learning management systems. Learning management systems have primarily eased up most of the virtual processes that the organization had to take and has helped companies to grow eventually.


In the educational sectors, learning management systems are used to a significant extent, managing several important works and also working as good student attendance management software. Well, in regard to what are learning management systems and how they are beneficial to businesses, people often forget to talk about the types of LMS software that exist. LMS is not a single tool, there are a lot of categories available in the market, administering a variety of benefits, as well as bearing certain pros and cons. 


It is indeed necessary to look particularly for an lms tool before choosing, depending on your company’s need, how that tool can benefit you, its strengths, etc. Also, the other things to consider in this regard are your budget, how much the software will be compatible with your operating system, how much time it will take to get integrated, and much more. So let’s check out the types of LMS software in detail below.


Cloud-based or SaaS LMS


If you’re looking for LMS software with easy configuration and simple to use, then the first choice will certainly mark the name Cloud-based or SaaS LMS. This system works efficiently without many development resources and is primarily hosted by your provider. It hardly bears any complexity, works online, and it is a plug-and-play platform for creating your academy.


LMS vendors which administer this type of SaaS-based solutions also offer a range of capabilities, as well as integrations to eventually provide the best experience to the users. All you need to do to use this learning management system efficiently is to create the content and upload it, and the rest will be as easy as ABC.


Open Source LMS


Open Source learning management systems come among the most popular type of LMS software and is predominantly used in LMS portals. Like several other open course codes or applications, open-source LMS software is also free to use and can be highly adaptable to your specifications. 


However, unlike cloud-based learning management systems, you’ll need some design and development resources to use them to their full potential. Open-source LMS software is indeed an excellent choice if you’re looking to form something 100% customer, but at the same time, you don’t want to start from scratch.


Installed LMS


If you’re looking forward to hosting your academy on your servers, then the best option to avail is to install learning management systems. Though they aren’t the common ones like the cloud-based or even the open-source LMS, this software provides you greater control over how and where to host your data. 


You can even use any third-party app or even create your own 100% customer learning management system. And using this type of software is indeed beneficial if you prioritize security alterations above all else and also bear in-house resources to handle the technology and keep the operation running with ease.


Custom-built LMS


Another major type of learning management system in this list is a Custom-built LMS. In case you have a big budget and a very specific idea of what you need as well as want your organization to do, then this type of software is the best to opt for. The best feature of this type of lms software is that there will be the exact specification your desire, there will be no holds barred.


Bottom Line


These were the major learning management systems mentioned above and are predominantly used in almost every business sector. But always before buying an LMS software, research the tool and check which type of LMS can suit with your business system the most, and its benefits can help you, how much time it can take to get integrated with your system, and all. Also, make sure whatever the lms type be, it is in capable hands, that can bring out effective results for your organization.

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