May 20, 2024

Types of Party Wear Heels and How to Style It Up?

Accessories can make or break an entire look and shoes, especially, have an X-factor and have a lot to add to your mien rather than simply helping you walk comfortably. The right pair of shoes can upgrade your overall appearance and even glam up your simple, not-attractive attire. 

We have seen working women changing into party-wear heels at the café or mall restrooms, getting ready to attend a gala get-together or corporate party at night. Sounds familiar? We know the pain and discomfort of wearing stilettos all day, so the only choice left is to change into heels after work. 

Slipping on a pair of elegant, stylish, and classy heels can ramp up even an ordinary outfit, transforming formal wear into a fashionable party look! Women do it out of occasional necessity to upgrade their look and style statement. 

So, if you need help buying the right party wear heels online and styling up a pair of glistening red, black, or white stilettos, here are some fashion tips and ideas. We have also talked about the different types of party wear high heels and mentioned some fashion ideas with them. Read on and make smarter styling decisions. 


Types of Party Wear Heels

The earliest known high heels date back to the 10th century CE and come from ancient Iran, which was then known as Persia. The Persian army had the honor of wearing the first kind of high heels known to secure their feet inside stirrups. Although they looked a lot different from the ones we know today, they were indeed functional and gradually spread the shoe trend to Europe. The European male aristocrats used to wear them to appear taller to signify their authority, masculinity, power, and domination.  

Different occasions and cultural events call for different fashion styles, especially focusing on diverse categories of shoes and high heels. Shoes and other accessories may change your appearance subtly. Depending on the kind of party or get-together you are attending, you can try the following high-heel trends, even though you may not change your overall outfit. 


Stilettos, being an indispensable accessory, can take your overall appearance to the next level. Apart from party wear, stilettos can go with literally anything, be it formals or casuals. Stilettos and pumps are the one-stop footwear options for party divas, especially polished or embellished ones. 

Don’t get overwhelmed with the endless options you have while shopping party wear heels online – just go for the classic and elegant styles. You can either keep it simple yet charming by going with solid colors or go for the rhinestone-embellished pair to spice up your next party. 


Pumps are slightly different from stilettos, as they are usually closed. These kinds of high heels represent the chic and urban style statements and can match any attire having a chic appeal. For instance, pencil skirts, pantsuits, long formal dresses, cigarette pants, and even short dresses would go well with a pair of glamorous pumps. 

During the colder months, long fur jackets or trench coats paired with skinny jeans or trousers would go superbly well with pumps. The styling depends completely on the wearer and hence, any combination of the above would look great when teamed up right. 

Peep Toes

Peep toes, as the name suggests, show a part of your toes and look best when worn with bare legs. They are a splendid match with knee-length or short dresses. The best part is you can even go with the wedges if you are not comfortable with the stilettos and put them on as casual wear. 

Kitten Heels

If you want to enjoy a combination of both style and comfort, go for a pair of stylish kitten heels. These are the best choice for ladies who are uncomfortable wearing high heels but still want to add a few more inches to their height to glam up their look. Kitten heels for women are best known for offering balance and stability. These are available in numerous variations and styles, including mules, pumps, pointed-toes, open-toes, square-toes, and more. 

High Heel Sandals

High heel party sandals can look stunning and fashionable enough to attract attention. While buying party wear heels online, you can choose from different heel sizes and shapes. However, the stiletto-style sandals can look more elegant. 

Mid-Wedge Heels

Being a perfect blend of style and comfort, wedge heels can be the go-to footwear, especially for ladies having a love-hate relationship with heels. These can provide stability and are best for women who don’t have the habit of walking in heels regularly. The heel area is thicker in mid-wedge heels, and the toes are narrower. You can go for the classic simplistic ones or choose a pair with jewel embellishments or other trendy patterns for your upcoming party. 


Boots add a bold and confident look to your attire and can make the other ladies go gaga. Booties can provide comfort and make you the fashion icon in the house. Keep a pair or two of festive or party-wear boots in your wardrobe to team up with your casuals or party dresses. For a more sophisticated appearance, you can go for solid-colored booties, usually black and tan brown ones. And for a more festive look, the printed ones with additional elements can convert your outfit into a party look. 

4 Tips to Pair Up Your High Heels with Your Attire

High heels have been used in diverse ways to symbolize endless things, including nationality, personality, professional affiliation, social status, and gender. Besides, high heels have been an essential fashion statement since times immemorial, especially in the fashion history of the West. So, here are some tips and ideas for styling up your high heels with your party wear. 

Solid Colors are a Big Yes!

Solid-color heels, especially bold and beautiful blacks, and sophisticated browns or whites can add elegance to your party attire. Blacks, especially, can go with anything. Therefore, whenever you are confused, black heels can never go wrong. Solid colors are great for either complementing or contrasting shades to create an alluring appearance. 

Elevate Your Party Look with Animal Prints

Animal prints have been a bold and smart style statement for parties, so adding those tiger or zebra stripes, snake scales, and leopard spots to your party heels can add a charismatic and gorgeous appearance. Team up these animal-printed heels with minimalistic costumes, usually solid-colored black t-shirts or dresses. The combination will create havoc among the onlookers! 

Try Color Blocking Trends

According to fashion experts, color blocking is the art of wearing various solid-colored elements in a single attire. It involves the subtle clubbing of two or more varied shades and hues, usually complementary colors. If you love wearing contrasting colors rather than matching them up, you are already a pro at creating a bold party look! Giving attention to minute details can make your appearance more classy and captivating. 

Matching is Still in Style

Although the trend of adding contrasting shades is more popular these days, clubbing similar shades is not yet out of fashion! You can match your dress, shoes, and other accessories to enhance the aesthetics of your party wear costume. Unless you are overdoing it, complementing colors can look stunning. 

Final Words

 In a nutshell, they will spoil you with choices while grabbing a pair of party wear heels online. You have uncountable options in party-wear high heels. Try experimenting with different styles and outfits to create different looks. We hope the article helped you make better styling choices, preparing you for the next party, festival, or friends’ reunion get-together. And to avoid those painful sores and aches, practice wearing your new heels at home before wearing them for hours outdoors! 

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