May 20, 2024

Best Arduino project ideas

Best Arduino project ideas

The list of Arduino projects is endless. We’re constantly finding new and exciting ideas to apply to our boards.  It’s even possible to make electronic devices completely from scratch with only an Arduino board! However, having too many projects in mind can make finding one that works difficult.  We’ve put together a list of the best projects that are going to help you improve your code and get it out into the world more quickly.

  • Build a smart dustbin with Arduino


This project aims to make a dustbin that can detect when it needs to be emptied, and then send a notification to your phone. The project was inspired by the very popular Amazon Dash Button, which allows you to place an order for trash bags from Amazon without ever opening the app.

We are going to use an Arduino Uno, a breadboard and some buttons, along with some other components like resistors and capacitors. You will also need a Bluetooth module that supports low-power devices (which can be bought online) and a phone app that runs on Android or iOS. You can also expand this small project into a full-fledged business, however, for that, you will have to experiment with various types of processors in embedded systems since the processors in Arduino may not be sustainable for large scale production.

  • Motion-Activated Night Light


The motion sensor is a very simple circuit and the entire thing can be made with a few pieces of wire. The light will only turn on when it detects motion, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The light switch on the Arduino board will be connected to a light sensor so that when there is no movement, it will turn off the light. When there is movement, it will turn on the light.


You can also use this same circuit to make a motion-activated alarm clock that will wake you up if you are sleeping or leave your house if you are not home.


This could be used as a night light, but it also makes for an interesting project because you can use it to build your own motion-activated security system for your home or office.

  • Remote Control Light Switch


This project allows you to remotely control your lights from anywhere in the world using an app on your phone or computer. The circuit consists of an Arduino Uno board, an LED and resistor, and two push buttons (or any other button type). To control your lights with this circuit, simply connect one of these buttons to pin D9 on the Arduino board (the other one should remain unconnected). To turn them off, push one of these buttons down; once released it will turn off all connected devices (lights included). Essentially the idea is to use a light sensor to detect when the room is dark and make it brighter or turn it off when it’s bright outside. You can program this to work with any type of sensor, like a photocell or phototransistor. This is one of the best projects to execute if you are studying in an embedded course. 

  • Plant Watering System


A water-saving sprinkler system can also save your plants from being pruned by accident. This is a great Arduino project if you plan on watering your plants with one of these. The Arduino is connected to a microcontroller, which controls the valves and flow rate of water to the sprinklers.

  • Robot Bartender


This is an awesome way to make your favourite drinks, without having to get up from your couch! You can use this robot bartender to make any drink that you desire, including coffee, tea and even alcohol! This robot bartender can be controlled by an Arduino would have multiple modes of operation so it can perform different tasks depending on what you want it to do!


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