July 15, 2024

Random Number Generators | The Backbone of Online Casino Industry

Random number generators | What is it all about?

RNGs don’t involve human dealers like Slot Machines, Roulette, Video Poker, etc. It ensures that the games are fair and exciting and that other factors do not influence the results..The ease of moving funds is a vital component of online casinos. Ckbet casino offers various payment methods, ensuring that players can swiftly and securely deposit funds to play immediately and withdraw their winnings with ease.

There are two types of RNGs used in online casino games:


  • True Random Number Generators (TRNG) 
  • Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG)

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True Random Number Generators (TRNG)

TRNGs generate random numbers from a physical process. It uses physical events which have random elements to create random numerical values, making it impossible for the numbers to be compromised by any third-party website. It is impossible to predict the sequence of numbers due to the randomness of the physical event.

How does it work?

Live dealer games follow the concept of TRNGs. These are games that use real human dealers to conduct the casino game, which includes:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker

The dealers use actual cards, wheels, dice, or other equipment to generate random outcomes. The players can see the dealers and the game via live video streaming and interact with them via chat. Live dealer games use TRNGs because they rely on natural phenomena that are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG)

PRNG is an algorithm which uses mathematical formulas to produce a series of random numbers. It is efficient, meaning they can make many numbers instantly and periodically, indicating the sequence will eventually repeat itself. 

How does it work?

An example of PRNG is Slot machine games. These are games that use spinning reels with symbols on them to generate random outcomes. The symbols can be fruits, bars, bells, or anything else. The player has to match a specific combination of symbols on a slot payline to win the reward. 

Slot machines use PRNGs to determine which symbols will appear on each reel and when they will stop spinning.

Benefits of RNG in Online Casino Games

RNGs offer several benefits in online casino games. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. RNGs provide random and impartial results, guaranteeing fairness in online casino games. Every round of the game is independent, and every participant has a fair chance of winning. 
  2. Online casinos promote openness by disclosing details about their RNGs and testing processes. It enables players to understand and confirm that the games are impartial and not rigged to the house’s advantage.
  3. RNGs improve the security of online casino games by removing the ability to anticipate results. It protects the games from cheating and guarantees a safe gaming environment.
  4. RNGs make it possible to make a lot of different online gambling games. It is the basis for getting random results in many games, from card games, Poker, Blackjack, Slot machines, Roulette, etc. It also means that online casinos can offer a wide variety of games to suit different players’ tastes.

Are RNG Certificates Necessary?

RNG certificates are needed in online casinos to ensure fairness and randomness in online gaming. Online casinos that have RNG certificates are more trustworthy and reputable. Players should always look for RNG certificates before playing in an online casino.

Final Thoughts

RNGs contribute to online casino games’ credibility, security, and enjoyment. They ensure fairness, transparency, and unbiased outcomes, creating a trustworthy and entertaining gaming environment for players.

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