June 22, 2024

The best air conditioners in India that offer split system air conditioning

The split system air conditioning is a unique air conditioning system that comprises both indoor and outdoor units. Both these units will be connected through the copper tubing. Some of the best air conditioners in India offer a split air conditioning system to cool large spaces efficiently.

The split system air conditioner comprises an outdoor portion that contains the condenser and the compressor. The indoor portion of the AC contains an indoor handling unit and an evaporator. Both these components are responsible for transferring cool and conditioned air through the ducts inside the rooms. These are ideal for large homes that demand multiple ACs. 

Split system air conditioners are the appliance that comes with a condenser. Their compressors are present outdoors. They also have an indoor unit that comprises the furnace, evaporator, filter, and air handler.


  1. What is a split system air conditioner?

The split system air conditioner has two units. It has an indoor unit that mounts on the wall. The AC blows conditioned air into the home. It also has an outdoor unit that expels heat from the indoor system. 

The best air conditioners in India that offer split system air conditioning:

There are some best air conditioners in India that offer multi-split air conditioning systems for houses. These systems are energy efficient, comfortable, and offer exceptional performance. Their stylish cooling solutions confirm all interior spaces and different lifestyles. Some leading brands that offer Split system air conditioners are as follows.

  1. Daikin:

Daikin is one of the best air conditioners in India. Their split and multi-split air conditioning systems are known for exceptional performance and energy efficiency. The stylish appearance of this appliance is ideal for all lifestyles and interior spaces. The best advantage of its split system air conditioning is that we can operate the indoor unit to deliver cool air only to specific rooms.

Its inverter and heat pump technology is capable of achieving greater efficiency and energy savings at a lower cost. They are easy and flexible to install, even in houses with limited space. Daikin offers these air conditioners in an array of models. Thus they appeal to the ambiance of any interior space.

  1. Carrier Midea:

Carrier Midea offers the best air conditioner in India. The brand is also a leading provider of ventilating and air-conditioning solutions. Carrier Midea India understands the Indian market completely and offers a range of air conditioners to meet their specific needs. Its split air conditioning systems feature an exceptional compressor and condenser to cool the interiors exceptionally well. Its split system HVAC can either have ducts or be ductless. The best part of CMI air conditioning units is that they are customizable according to home interiors.

  1. Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners:

The Mitsubishi air conditioners are compact and offer very high performance with their advanced inverter technologies. Their split-system air conditioners render superior energy savings and comfort while cooling multiple rooms. Its ACs have tropical inverter technology to render exceptional comfort. Its stylish and luxurious designs are capable of meeting the air conditioning needs of even tropical regions. The operational range of its split air conditioning systems is up to 52 degrees Celcius outdoors. 

Advantages of split system air conditioners:

There are a number of advantages of split system air conditioners over traditional units. They are as follows.

  • The energy efficiency rating of split AC systems can fall in the range of minimum efficiency to high-efficiency systems at a rating of up to 24 SEER2.
  • They offer a sophisticated air conditioning solution for interior spaces at an affordable cost.
  • They are ideal for air-conditioning homes with multiple rooms.
  • Split AC systems with Energy Star certification are energy efficient. They thus help to save money on heating and cooling costs.
  • The split systems have separate components. There is more room for customization in the setup of the system. 

There are many best air conditioners in India that offer split-system air conditioning. Split system air conditioning is ideal for controlling the temperature of multiple rooms in the same home. They are able to maintain an ideal temperature indoors and also use sustainable refrigerants to stay environmentally friendly.

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