May 20, 2024
Taper Tantrum

Taper Tantrum

There’s a big boom on the market for cannabis products that are said to target specific conditions and help patients recover faster. The downside is, many of these tapers are produced by small companies in states where marijuana can’t be sold legally, which means they don’t necessarily have to have very rigorous safety standards. What’s more, many of them contain chemicals like benzene or naphthalene — both known carcinogens — but they’re not required to disclose the presence of these chemicals on the label. And when it comes to dosage, these tapers vary wildly among the different companies.

Some of the most popular tapers on the market include: BioCare’s Doctor’s Orders, Canna-Pet’s Pain and Itch Relief, Green Roads’ CBD Oil for Pets – Stress, and HempMom’s Tinctures for Pets. Almost every product description says that it contains CBD oil — but there is some variation as to what else is contained in the product. BioCare’s products say that they contain 200mg of CBD per tincture, while other companies’ products contain 1000mg or more.

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This lack of regulation worries officials at the Food and Drug Administration, who are responsible for ensuring that all dietary supplements and over-the-counter medications have safe levels of ingredients. “Our concern with these products is that there’s too much variability in the product, and there is not enough quality control,” said David Harvey, associate commissioner for regulatory affairs at the FDA.

What Is Taper Tantrum?

Taper Tantrum is a multi-ingredient formula that comes in at the top end of ingredient concentrations — 50mg per drop. With chronic pain, muscle spasms, neurological disorders, or seizures being the most common symptoms people try to treat with CBD oil tapers, it’s great to see a product that contains such a high concentration of CBD.

But that also means you’re paying more for less product — as both price and dosage are based on volume. At $0.15 per drop, a 60mL bottle will set you back $90.

It’s worth noting that the product page includes “CBD, cannabis sativa extract,” as an ingredient, but this is likely due to the fact that it contains hemp oil — which is also extracted from cannabis sativa.

As a multi-ingredient formula, there are a variety of other ingredients contained within Taper Tantrum.

How Does a Taper Tantrum Work?

CBD is a cannabinoid that activates the endocannabinoid system. When an endocannabinoid — or “cannabinoid” — binds with a receptor, the receptor sends an electrical signal that travels to the brain, where it stimulates the release of chemicals such as neurotransmitters or endorphins. The main nervous system that uses cannabinoids is called the “central nervous system,” which includes both our brain and spinal cord, brain stem and nerves all over our body.

Taper Tantrum contains 50mg of CBD per drop. It contains more than just CBD.

It also contains hemp oil, which is an extract of the same plant that is responsible for that leafy, green aroma you can smell on other products. It contains a number of other ingredients in addition to CBD and hemp oil:

Cannabidiol: 50mg per drop, plus 10mg per drop of THC (which you don’t get anywhere near this concentrated) — mostly in the form of cannabidiol made from hemp but also occasionally in the form of THC. It’s the most common hemp product on the market.

Hemp oil: Hemp oil is the oil from the seeds of the hemp plant, which contains all kinds of healthy fats and proteins, but it also contains a significant amount of (usually) CBD. It’s extracted using a chemical similar to ethyl alcohol and hexane — but without that harsh chemical smell that comes with these other extraction methods. Hemp oil is mostly known for its cannabinoid content.

Cannabinoid: This is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s found in hemp oil. It’s made by the same way as cannabidiol, but it also contains a significant amount of THC. Cannabinoid is not an ingredient you’ll find on just any product on the market.

Hemp extract: The majority of hemp extracts are ethanol based, but this product is ethyl alcohol.

What Does a Taper Tantrum Mean for Investors?

CBD has been great for investors — especially CBD oil, which is a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. Right now, there are more than 45 public companies in the U.S. that focus on CBD as an ingredient or a product. The vast majority of them — more than 40 — have gone public in the past 12 months alone!

But some investors are being cautious, believing that the biggest players in the industry might be cashing out while they’re still ahead. “I’m very generally bearish on the cannabis sector,” said Tim Guss, portfolio manager of Rows 1 through 10 of T3 Partners. “I think that the private market has had a run up, and then you’ve seen a little bit of hype about CBD, but there’s not that much science backing up the use of CBD for any illness.”

Guss feels that investors need to be wary when buying multi-ingredient products like Taper Tantrum.

How long did taper tantrum last?

He explains, “There are a lot of companies coming to market with CBD-only products. What they’re really doing is trying to ride the CBD wave. What I see in a lot of these multi-ingredient products is that they’re combining CBD with other ingredients.”

After all, there’s no way that Taper Tantrum could be a viable product if it were just 50mg of CBD oil.

So, is Taper Tantrum worth your money?

For most people, CBD oil tapers are going to be an unnecessary extra expense — adding to a list of expenses that include pain relief medications and daily doctor visits. Taking CBD oil tapers might help you manage symptoms, but you’ll still need to take other medications — and the best way to do it is with our oral drops. 

What is the effect of tapering?

  1. Relaxed – considerably relaxed.
  2. No more muscle spasms and a reduction in the number of seizures I have on a daily basis.
  3. Less tension headaches, less nausea/stomach pain/constipation, and less insomnia/night waking up feeling like I’m going to die anymore! My eating habits have also changed! Before I started the taper, I was eating whatever was made for me or grabbing quick fast food for meal options. Now I’m eating as healthy as possible, or making meals and snacks of what I have at home.
  4. The amount of contentment and gratitude I feel is off the charts! This absolutely has changed my outlook on life and what’s important to me.

What did your experience with tapering give you?

I started this taper back in October 2016, so it’s finally getting to that time. I still have another 2 months left, but I’m excited for this moment.

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As far as my medical condition, the medical professionals and my family see the difference when the taper is complete! My psychiatrist and neurologists are starting to believe that I’m finally getting better because they can see the effects of it. They believe that with tapering off of the medication, it’s making a difference in my body and mind.


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